Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Issue: Journal of International Peacekeeping

The latest issue of the Journal of International Peacekeeping (Vol. 15, nos. 3-4, September 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Russell Buchan, Henry Jones, & Nigel D. White, The Externalization of Peacekeeping: Policy, Responsibility, and Accountability
  • D.C.F. Daniel & Tromila Wheat, Transregional Military Dimensions of Civilian Protection: A Two-Part Problem with a Two-Part Solution
  • Benjamin de Carvalho & Jon Harald Sande Lie, Chronicle of a Frustration Foretold? The Implementation of a Broad Protection Agenda in the United Nations
  • Janine Natalya Clark, UN Peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Reflections on MONUSCO and Its Contradictory Mandate
  • Alexandru Balas, It Takes Two (or More) to Keep the Peace: Multiple Simultaneous Peace Operations
  • Daniel H. Levine, Peacekeeper Impartiality: Standards, Processes, and Operations