Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Issue: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

The latest issue of the Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies (Vol. 1, no. 2, December 2010) is out. Contents include:
  • Edwin Odhiambo Abuya & Charles Ikobe, Wasted Lives: Internally Displaced Persons Living in Camps in Kenya
  • Kirill Koroteev, Legal Remedies for Human Rights Violations in the Armed Conflict in Chechnya: The Approach of the European Court of Human Rights in Context
  • Jonathan Horowitz, Human Rights, Positive Obligations, and Armed Conflict: Implementing the Right to Education in Occupied Territories
  • Pablo Antonio Fernández-Sánchez, The Interplay Between International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law
  • Kate Mackintosh, Reclaiming Protection as a Humanitarian Goal: Fodder for the Faint-Hearted Aid-Worker