Friday, October 8, 2010

Conference: International Financial Institutions in a Post-Crisis World – Legal Challenges and Opportunities

As part of Law, Justice and Development Week 2010, the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency, together with a number of partners, is organizing a conference on "International Financial Institutions in a Post-Crisis World – Legal Challenges and Opportunities," November 8-9, at the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund. The tentative program is available here. Here's the idea:
This year’s Law, Justice, and Development Week focuses on the future of international financial institutions through the lens of law. It will take stock of the role and record of these institutions and analyze their future, as the present global financial crisis recedes, focusing on their legal mandates, competences, and operations. In particular, events during the week will discuss and analyze, primarily the manner in which these institutions have adopted the rule of law internally -- in the context of their institutional governance structures, operational policies and procedures, and lending instruments – as well as externally focusing on their advocacy of the rule of law through their operational, advisory, and analytical work. In each of its six thematic modules, participants will be encouraged to examine the continuing relevance and impact of existing institutional structures and governance frameworks as well as their underlying analytical assumptions and knowledge bases.