Monday, May 3, 2010

van Baarda & Verweij: The Moral Dimension of Asymmetrical Warfare

Th. A. van Baarda & D.E.M. Verweij have published The Moral Dimension of Asymmetrical Warfare: Counter-terrorism, Democratic Values and Military Ethics (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2009). Contents include:
  • Harry van der Linden, Questioning the Resort to U.S. Hegemonic Military Force
  • Martin L. Cook & Mark Conversino, Asymmetric Air War: Ethical Implications
  • Thomas Frank, Reframing Asymmetrical Warfare: Beyond the Just War Idea
  • Allard Wagemaker, Armed Intervention and Democratic Dreams: Small Western Liberal Democracies and Multinational Intervention
  • Carl Ceulemans, Asymmetric Warfare and Morality: From Moral Asymmetry to Amoral Symmetry?
  • John W. Lango, Military operations by armed UN peace-keeping missions: An application of generalized just war principles
  • Daren Bowyer, The Moral Dimension of Asymmetrical Warfare: Accountability, Culpability and Military Effectiveness
  • David Benest, British Leaders and Irregular Warfare
  • Lawrence P. Rockwood, The Lesson Avoided: The Official Legacy of the My Lai
  • Donald A. MacCuish, Culpability – Senior Leaders Have Dirty Hands
  • Eyal Ben-Ari, Between Violence and Restraint: Human Rights, Humanitarian Considerations, and the Israeli Military in the Al-Aqsa Intifada
  • Erella Grassiani, The Phenomenon of Breaking the Silence in Israel: “Witnessing” as Consciousness Raising Strategy of Israeli Excombatants
  • Jarmo Toiskallio, Ethics in the Core of Officer Education: Some Philosophical Aspects for Curriculum Transformation
  • J. Peter Bradley, Why People Make the Wrong Choices – The Psychology of Ethical Failure
  • Daniel S. Blocq, (Dis)respecting the Law of Armed Conflict in Asymmetrical Warfare?: A Consequentialist Approach to a Consequentialist Question
  • Patrick Mileham, Moral Dynamics in Culture Centric Warfare
  • Eric Vermetten, Dilemmas in the Employment of Combat Stress-related Clinical Research – the Imperative of Prevention
  • Javier G. Marín & Óscar G. Luengo, Politics, Media and War Coverage: an Indexed Relation?
  • Uroš Svete, Asymmetrical Warfare and Modern Digital Media: An Old Concept Changed by New Technology?
  • Wim Smit, Security versus Liberty?:Ethical Lessons from Post-9/11 American Counter-Terrorist Security Politics
  • Maureen Ramsay, Saying no to torture: a moral absolute, self-righteous or just naïve?
  • Asta Maskaliūnaitė, Dirty War, or: How Democracies Can Lose in the Fight against Terrorism
  • Ted van Baarda & Désiree Verweij, Human Dignity in the Era of Counter-terrorism