Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (Vol. 54, no. 2, April 2010) is out. Contents include:
  • Todd Sandler, Terrorism and Policy: Introduction
  • Patrick T. Brandt & Todd Sandler, What Do Transnational Terrorists Target? Has It Changed? Are We Safer?
  • Jean-Paul Azam & Véronique Thelen, Foreign Aid Versus Military Intervention in the War on Terror
  • Walter Enders & Paan Jindapon, Network Externalities and the Structure of Terror Networks
  • Jonathan S. Feinstein & Edward H. Kaplan, Analysis of a Strategic Terror Organization
  • S. Brock Blomberg, Rozlyn C. Engel, & Reid Sawyer, On the Duration and Sustainability of Transnational Terrorist Organizations
  • Efraim Benmelech, Claude Berrebi, & Esteban F Klor, The Economic Cost of Harboring Terrorism
  • Daniel G. Arce & Todd Sandler, Terrorist Spectaculars: Backlash Attacks and the Focus of Intelligence