Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Volume: New Zealand Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the New Zealand Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 6, 2008) is out. Contents include:
  • Colloquium: Responding to Contemporary Challenges and Threats to Antarctic Security: Legal and Policy Perspectives
    • Donald R. Rothwell & Hitoshi Nasu, Antarctica and International Security Discourse: A Primer
    • Christopher C. Joyner, Challenges to the Antarctic Treaty: Looking Back to See Ahead
    • Duncan French, Global Principles, Universal Values and the ATS: Regime Integrity as Antarctic Security
    • Alan D. Hemmings, Beyond Claims: Towards a Non-Territorial Antarctic Security Prism for Australia and New Zealand
    • Julia Jabour, ‘Safe Ships and Clean Seas’: Evading a Mandatory Shipping Code for Antarctic Waters
    • Karen N. Scott, Marine Scientific Research and the Southern Ocean: Balancing Rights and Obligations in a Security-Related Context
  • Colloquium: International Aggression as Crime: Implications for International and Domestic Law
    • Neil Boister, New Zealand and the ‘Supreme International Crime’: Vengeance or Hypocrisy?
    • James Potter, The Threshold in the Proposed Definition of the Crime of Aggression
    • Netta Goussac, Territoriality and the Crime of Aggression
    • Sascha Mueller, The Crime of Aggression under German Law
    • Kennedy Graham, Stage-Fright in “Godsown”: The New Zealand Parliament and the International Non-Aggression and Lawful Use of Force Bill
  • Roger S. Clark, Elements of Crimes in Early Confirmation Decisions of Pre-Trial Chambers of the International Criminal Court
  • Erica Leaney, Assignment of Counsel of Choice to Indigent Accused at the ICTR: An Analysis of a Threat to Fair Trial Rights and What May Be Done About It
  • Alan D. Hemmings & Tim Stephens, Reconciling Regional and Global Dispensations: The Implications of Subantarctic Extended Continental Shelf Penetration of the Antarctic Treaty Area