Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conference: The Law and Politics of International Cooperation

Later this week, on Friday and Saturday, November 6th and 7th, the Duke University School of Law Center for International & Comparative Law will host its Fall 2009 Roundtable. The topic is "The Law and Politics of International Cooperation." Here are the papers and commentators:
  • Gabriella Blum (Harvard Univ. - Law), Equal Rights, Different Standards: Compliance with the Laws of War
    • Comment: Curtis Bradley (Duke Univ. - Law)
  • Erik Voeten (Georgetown Univ. - School of Foreign Service), Borrowing and Non-Borrowing Among International Courts
    • Comment: Laurence Helfer (Duke Univ. - Law)
  • Andrew Lang (LSE - Law), Legal Regimes and Regimes of Knowledge: Governing Global Services Trade
    • Comment: Andrew Mitchell (Univ. of Melbourne - Law)
  • Pierre-Hugues Verdier (Univ. of Virginia - Law), Mutual Recognition: The New Bilateralism in International Finance
    • Comment: David Fontana (George Washington Univ. - Law)
  • Graham Mayeda (Univ. of Ottawa - Law), Pushing the Boundaries of International Law: Rethinking International Law in Light of Cosmopolitan Obligations to Developing Countries
    • Comment: Annecoos Wiersema (Ohio State Univ. - Law)
  • Leslie Johns (Univ. of California, Los Angeles - Political Science), Strengthening International Courts and the Early Settlement of Disputes
    • Comment: Erik Voeten (Georgetown Univ. - School of Foreign Service)
  • Darren Hawkins (Brigham Young Univ. - Political Science), Partial Compliance: A Comparison of the European and Inter-American American Courts for Human Rights
    • Comment: Samantha Besson (Univ. of Fribourg - Law)
  • Yuval Shany (Hebrew Univ. - Law), Assessing Effectiveness of International Courts: Can the Unquantifiable Be Quantified?
    • Comment: Timothy Waters (Indiana Univ., Bloomington - Law)