Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conference: ILA Biennial Conference 2010

The 74th biennial Conference of the International Law Association will take place on August 15-20, 2010, in The Hague. The theme is "De Iure Humanitatis: Peace, Justice and International Law." Here's a description:
The overarching theme of the conference reflects the question whether in today’s international society international law can still be seen as mainly inter-State law, or whether in this age of globalisation, international law has become truly humanity’s law (“De iure humanitatis”), protecting people(s) alongside the interests of States. With this theme the organisers hope to create a common focus that will allow discussion of core issues of international law by public and private international lawyers. Today’s legal science and legal practice have reached such high levels of specialisation that it is almost impossible to be an expert in more than one field only. Reality, however, requires an understanding of common principles, of the sources of inspiration behind positive international law (“what do we do it for?”, in the end), and of how to combine views from several branches of international law in a way that contributes to an interlinked way of considering issues that cry for international (legal) action.