Monday, August 31, 2009

Georgetown Foreign Relations Law Colloquium

Here's the schedule for this fall's Georgetown University Law Center Foreign Relations Law Colloquium:
  • September 14 - Ingrid Wuerth (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law), "The Captures Clause"
  • September 21 - Duncan Hollis (Temple Univ. - Law), "Unpacking the Compact Clause"
  • September 28 - David Cole (Georgetown Univ. - Law), "Out of the Shadows: Preventive Detention, Suspected Terrorists, and War"
  • October 5 - Jack Beard (Univ. of California, Los Angeles - Law), "Law and War in the Virtual Era"
  • October 13 - David Golove (New York Univ. - Law), "On an Equal Footing: Constitution-Making and the Law of Nations in the Early American Republic"
  • October 19 - Eugene Kontorovich (Northwestern Univ. - Law), "The Constitutionality of International Courts: The Forgotten Precedent of Slave Trade Tribunals"
  • October 26 - Thomas Lee (Fordham Univ. - Law), "Originalism and the Foreign Affairs Constitution"
  • November 2 - John Parry (Lewis & Clark Law School), "International Extradition, the Rule of Non-Inquiry, and the Problem of Sovereignty"
  • November 9 - David Glazier (Loyola Law School Los Angeles), "Playing by the Rules: Combating Al Qaeda within the Law of War"
  • November 16 - Robert Chesney (Univ. of Texas - Law), "National Security Fact Deference"
  • November 23 - Deborah Pearlstein (Princeton Univ. - Woodrow Wilson School), "After Deference: Formal Judicial Power in Foreign Relations Law"
  • November 30 - Stephen Vladeck (American Univ. - Law), "The Laws of War as a Constitutional Limit on Military Jurisdiction"