Monday, June 1, 2009

New Volume: Australian Year Book of International Law

The latest volume of the Australian Year Book of International Law (Vol. 27, 2008) is out. Contents include:
  • James Hathaway, The Value of Year Books of International Law
  • The Howard Government and International Law
    • Donald R Rothwell & Kim Rubenstein, Introduction: Australia and International Law during the Howard Years
    • Greg Carne, Neither Principled nor Pragmatic? International Law, International Terrorism and the Howard Government
    • Sarah Joseph, The Howard Government's Record of Engagement with the International Human Rights System
    • Stuart Kate, Australia and East Timor during the Howard Years: An International Law Perspective
    • Jane McAdam & Kate Purcell, Refugee Protection in the Howard Years: Obstructing the Right to Seek Asylum
    • Gregory Rose, Australian Approaches to International Environmental Law during the Howard Years
    • Gerry Simpson, Warriors, Humanitarians, Lawyers: The Howard Government and the Use of Force
    • Jeff Waincyme, The Howard Government's Legacy in International Trade and Investment
  • Ilias Bantekas, The Foundations of Arbitrability in International Commercial Arbitration
  • Alexander Kunzelmann, An Australian International Law: The Impact of Australian Courts on the Fragmentation of International Law