Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Issue: Journal of International Criminal Justice

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (Vol. 7, no. 1, March 2009) is out. Contents include:
  • Mireille Delmas-Marty, Violence and Massacres - Towards a Criminal Law of Inhumanity?
  • John Jackson, Finding the Best Epistemic Fit for International Criminal Tribunals: Beyond the Adversarial–Inquisitorial Dichotomy
  • Symposium: Hamdan - Is the Guantánamo Approach Falling Apart?
    • Salvatore Zappalà, Foreword
    • Richard V. Meyer, Following Historical Precedent: An Argument for the Continued Use of Military Professionals as Triers of Fact in Some Humanitarian Law Tribunals
    • John C. Dehn, The Hamdan Case and the Application of a Municipal Offence: The Common Law Origins of ‘Murder in Violation of the Law of War’
  • Workshop: The Media and International Criminal Justice
    • Marlise Simons, International Criminal Tribunals and the Media
    • Mirko Klarin, The Impact of the ICTY Trials on Public Opinion in the Former Yugoslavia
  • Anthology
    • Antonio Cassese, Foreword
    • Roman Serbyn, Lemkin on Genocide of Nations
    • Modes of Participation in Crimes Against Humanity: The Hechingen and Haigerloch Case
  • Notes and Comments
    • Orna Ben-Naftali & Noam Zamir, Whose ‘Conduct Unbecoming’?: The Shooting of a Handcuffed, Blindfolded Palestinian Demonstrator
    • Nathan Rasiah, The Court-martial of Corporal Payne and Others and the Future Landscape of International Criminal Justice
    • W. Cory Wanless, Corporate Liability for International Crimes under Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act