Friday, January 30, 2009

Symposium: Constitutional Rights and International Human Rights

The latest issue of the Israel Law Review (Vol. 41, no. 3, 2008) contains a symposium on "Constitutional Rights and International Human Rights" honoring Professor David Kretzmer. Contents include:
  • Yuval Shany, Introduction
  • Henry J. Steiner, Two Sides of the Same Coin?: Democracy and International Human Rights
  • Eckart Klein, Establishing a Hierarchy of Human Rights: Ideal Solution or Fallacy?
  • Jochen A. Frowein, The Transformation of Constitutional Law Through the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Nigel Rodley, The Singarasa Case: Quis Custodiet . . . ? A Test for the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct
  • Arthur Chaskalson, What’s Happening to the Right to a Fair Hearing
  • Fionnuala Ni Aoláin & Oren Gross, A Skeptical View of Deference to the Executive in Times of Crisis
  • Fiona De Londras, What Human Rights Law Could Do: Lamenting the Absence of an International Human Rights Law Approach in Boumediene & Al Odah
  • Frances Raday, Traditionalist Religious and Cultural Challengers - International and Constitutional Human Rights Responses
  • Yousef T. Jabareen, Toward Participatory Equality: Protecting Minority Rights Under International Law
  • A. Kodzo Paaku Kludze, Constitutional Rights and Their Relationship with International Human Rights in Ghana