Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Conference: Humanitarian Law & Terrorism

Later this week, on January 23rd and 24th, the Vanderbilt International Legal Studies Program will host its Winter 2009 Roundtable. The topic is "Humanitarian Law & Terrorism." Here are the papers and commentators:
  • Mark Osiel (Univ. of Iowa - Law & T.M.C. Asser Institute), Reciprocity in Humanitarian Law: Acceptance and Repudiation
    • Comment: Laurence R. Helfer (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law)
  • John Cerone (New England Law Boston), Detention Authority in Transnational, Non-Interstate Armed Conflict
    • Comment: Elies van Sliedregt (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Law)
  • Laura Dickinson (Arizona State Univ. - Law), Outsourcing War and Peace: Uniformed Military Lawyers, Organizational Culture, and the Impact of Privatization
    • Comment: Greg McNeal (Penn State Univ. - Law)
  • Michael Newton (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law), Exceptional Leadership: Protocol I and a World United Against Terror
    • Comment: Charles Garraway (British Red Cross)
  • Linda Malone (College of William and Mary - Law), The Responsibility to Protect in the Context of Instigated Environmental Emergencies
    • Comment: Michael Scharf (Case Western Reserve Univ. - Law)
  • Mark Drumbl (Washington & Lee Univ. – Law), The Agency and Innocence of Child Soldiers
    • Comment: Michael Newton (Vanderbilt Univ. - Law)
  • Laura Olson (American Society of International Law), Practical Challenges of Implementing the Complementarity between International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law - Demonstrated by the Procedural Regulation of Internment in Non-international Armed Conflict
    • Comment: Roger Alford (Pepperdine Univ. - Law)
  • Michael Scharf (Case Western Reserve Univ. - Law) & Paul Williams (American Univ. - Law & School of International Service), International Law in Crisis
    • Comment: Vijay Padmanabhan (Cardozo Law School)