Sunday, October 12, 2008

ASIL Annual Meeting: Call for "Cutting Edge" Paper Proposals

The program committee for the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law has issued a call for "cutting edge" paper proposals. Here's the call:


ASIL is soliciting paper abstracts relating to the 2009 conference theme, "International Law as Law." We will select from submitted abstracts for presentation at the Annual Meeting as part of a "Cutting Edge Panel." The Cutting Edge Panel will introduce conference members to work that are at the very cutting edge of the field of international law, allowing discussion and critique of current work, including works in progress and yet to be published works. Papers to be presented by this panel will be selected through a competitive selection process. The panel is patterned on the New Voices model, but it is not restricted to students and new professionals. It is open to all interested applicants.The abstracts should be based on current work. Strong preference will be given to papers not already published. Eligibility is open to all interested participants. Applicants should be members of the Society at the time of their presentation.

Cutting Edge Submission Guidelines

Applicants must submit: (1) a 1000-2000 word abstract of their paper; (2) a progress statement of no more than 200 words explaining its current stage (e.g., yet to be drafted, fully drafted but not yet accepted for publication, accepted for publication, published); (3) contact information for the applicant, and (4) a statement of whether the applicant would or would not also like to be considered for a new poster session format (if no preference is indicated, the application will also be considered for the poster session format). Those who have completed a draft of the paper are welcome but not required to submit the completed draft. The submission deadline is December 1, 2008.

Please submit applications to no later than December 1, 2008.