Sunday, August 17, 2008

Politi & Gioia: The International Criminal Court and National Jurisdictions

Mauro Politi (International Criminal Court) & Federica Gioia (International Criminal Court) have published The International Criminal Court and National Jurisdictions (Ashgate 2008). Contents include:
  • Philippe Kirsch, Introductory remarks
  • Ivo Maria Braguglia, Italy and the International Criminal Court
  • Pierre-Marie Dupuy, Principe de complémentarité et droit international général
  • William A. Schabas, Complementarity in practice: creative solutions or a trap for the Court?
  • Giorgio Gaja, Issues of admissibility in case of self-referrals
  • Phani Dascalopoulou-Livada, The principle of complementarity and Security Council referrals
  • Edoardo Greppi, Inability to investigate and prosecute under Article 17
  • Frederica Gioia, The complementary role of the International Criminal Court: are there any time-limits?
  • Hans-Peter Kaul, The ICC and international criminal cooperation – key aspects and fundamental necessities
  • Håkan Friman, Cooperation with the International Criminal Court: some thoughts on improvements under the current regime
  • Annalisa Ciampi, State cooperation with the ICC and human rights
  • Maria Chiara Malaguti, Can the Nuremberg legacy serve any purpose in understanding the modern concept of 'complementarity'
  • Teresa Maria Moschetta, Cooperation between the European Union and the International Criminal Court: legal bases and opportunities for implementation
  • Theodor Meron, Roberto Toscano, Fausto Pocar, Francesco Francioni, & Håkan Friman, The ICC Relationship with National Jurisdiction: What Future? - Roundtable
  • Luigi Condorelli, Closing remarks