Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ICC: Situation in Georgia Under Analysis

Today, the International Criminal Court's Prosecutor confirmed that the situation in Georgia is "under analysis." Here's the ICC press release, in pertinent part:

In the wake of recent events in Georgia and in light of information related to the alleged commission of crimes under ICC jurisdiction, ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo today confirmed that the situation in Georgia is under analysis by his Office.

"Georgia is a State Party to the Rome Statute" he said. "My Office considers carefully all information relating to alleged crimes within its jurisdiction – war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide - committed on the territory of States Parties or by nationals of States Parties, regardless of the individuals or groups alleged to have committed the crimes. The Office is inter alia analyzing information alleging attacks on the civilians."

The Office of the Prosecutor has been closely monitoring all information on the situation in Georgia since the outbreak of violence in South Ossetia in early August, including information from public sources.

An official from the Georgian government met with the Division of the Jurisdiction, Complementarity and Co-operation of the Office to offer information and co-operation. The Russian Federation has formally delivered information to the Office of the Prosecutor and is continuing to do so.

The Office will proceed to seek further information from all actors concerned.