Friday, July 4, 2008

Baudenbacher & Busek: The Role of International Courts

Carl Baudenbacher (Univ. of St. Gallen - Law) & Erhard Busek (formerly, Vice Chancellor, Republic of Austria) have published The Role of International Courts (German Law Publishers 2008). Contents include:
  • Carl Baudenbacher, Introduction
  • Ruth MacKenzie, Introduction: From Diplomacy to Judging in International Law
  • Wilhelmina Thomassen, Legitimacy of International Court Rulings
  • Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, From Trade Diplomacy to judging in International Trade Law
  • Eric A. Posner, Diplomacy, Arbitration, and International Courts
  • Merit E. Janow, The WTO Appellate Body
  • Georg Ress, Introduction: Access to International Courts
  • Peter Jann, Access to International Courts
  • Frank Montag, Access for Private Parties to the EU Courts
  • Marco Bronckers, Private Appeals to WTO Law – an Update
  • Jean-Paul Costa, The European Court of Human Rights
  • Carl Baudenbacher, Introduction: Methods of Interpretation – Judicial Dialogue
  • Giorgio Sacerdoti, Methods of Interpretation by the Appellate Body of the WTO
  • Allan Rosas, Methods of Interpretation – Judicial Dialogue
  • Miguel Poiares Maduro, The European Court of Justice
  • Carl Baudenbacher, Introduction: Acceptance and Criticism of Judgments
  • Hjalte Rasmussen, Acceptance and Criticism of International Courts’ Rulings
  • Christiaan Timmermans, Judicial activism and judicial restraint
  • Ian S. Forrester, Europe des Juges. Recent criticism of ECHR and ECJ judgments; the American debate on judicial activism versus judicial restraint
  • J. Clifford Wallace, The United States Courts