Sunday, June 29, 2008

Malbon & Lawson: Interpreting and Implementing the TRIPS Agreement: Is It Fair?

Justin Malbon (Monash Univ - Law) & Charles Lawson (Griffith Univ. - Law) have published Interpreting and Implementing the TRIPS Agreement: Is it Fair? (Edward Elgar Publishing 2008). Contents include:
  • Christopher Arup, TRIPS as Competitive and Cooperative Interpretation
  • Graham Dutfield, Knowledge Diplomacy and the New Intellectual Property Fundamentalism
  • Xu Yi-chong, Last Chance? Multilateralism, TRIPS and Developing Countries
  • Jakkrit Kuanpoth, Intellectual Property Protection after TRIPS: An Asian Experience
  • Ermias Tekeste Biadgleng, The Development-Balance of the TRIPS Agreement and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Charles Lawson & Jay Sanderson, The Evolution of the CBD’s Development Agenda that may Influence the Interpretation and Development of TRIPS
  • Justin Malbon, TRIPS-plus Treaty Terms: Dealing with Coercion