Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Symposium: The Morality and Law of War

The latest issue of the Israel Law Review (Vol. 40, no. 3, Winter 2007) contains a symposium on "The Morality and Law of War." Contents include:
  • Jeff McMahan, Précis: The Morality and Law of War
  • George P. Fletcher, Is Justice Relevant to the Law of War?
  • Yuval Shany, A Pragmatic Objection to Moral Distinctions: A Comment on The Morality and Law of War
  • Re'em Segev, Lesser Evil and Responsibility: Comments on Jeff McMahan's Analysis of the Morality of War
  • Noam J. Zohar, Double Effect and Double Intention: A Collectivist Perspective
  • Jeff McMahan, Contrasting Approaches to War: Some Thoughts on the Views of Fletcher, Segev, Shany, and Zohar