Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reinisch & Knahr: International Investment Law in Context

August Reinisch (Univ. of Vienna - Law) & Christina Knahr (Univ. of Vienna - Law) have published International Investment Law in Context (Eleven International Publishing 2008). Contents include:
  • Christoph Schreuer, Introduction
  • Alexandra N. Diehl, Tracing a Success Story or the Baby Boom of Bits
  • Christina Knahr, Investments in Accordance with Host State Law
  • Steffen Hindelang, The EC Treaty's Freedom of Capital Movement as an Instrument of International Investment Law?
  • Niklas Maydell, The European Community's Minimum Platform on Investment or the Trojan Horse of Investment Competence
  • Markus Perkams, Piercing the Corporate Veil in International Investment Agreements
  • Rekha Oleschak, Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agencies Extraterritorial Obligations of Home-States of Investors
  • Annette Froehlich, Cultural Matters in Investment Agreements and Decisions
  • Matthias C. Kettemann, Investment Protection Law and the Humanization of International Law: Selected Lessons from, and Experiences with, the Position of the Individual in Investment Protection Law
  • Andr von Walter, The Investors Expectations in International Investment Arbitration
  • August Reinisch, Investment and the Broader Picture of Investment Law