Monday, June 2, 2008

New Volume: Ocean Yearbook

The latest volume of the Ocean Yearbook (Vol. 22) is out. Contents include:
  • Tundi Spring Agardy, Casting Off the Chains that Bind Us to Ineffective Ocean Management: The Way Forward
  • Awni Behnam & Iouri Oliounine, The IOI and the MDGs: A Stakeholder Contribution to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals, A Known Ocean
  • Ron O’Dor, Discussions Among Ocean Stakeholders
  • Jon Van Dyke, U.S. Accession to the Law of the Sea Convention
  • Salvino Busuttil & David Busuttil, Transformation of a Sea: The Next Phase in Mediterranean Cooperation
  • Clive Schofield & May Tan-Mullins, Maritime Claims, Conflicts and Cooperation in the Gulf of Thailand
  • Jacquelyn Turner, Julia Jabour, & Denzil Miller, Consensus or Not Consensus: That Is the CCAMLR Question
  • Joanna Vince, Policy Transfer in Oceans Governance: Learning Lessons from Australia’s Oceans Policy Process
  • Kevern Cochrane, Jessica S. Sanders, & Alexis Bensch, MPAs: What’s in a Name?
  • Marco Colazingari, Economic Perspectives on Marine-Derived Products
  • Christopher C. Joyner & Lindsay Aylesworth, Managing IUU Fishing in the Southern Ocean: Rethinking the Plight of the Patagonian Toothfish
  • Annette Muehlig-Hofmann, Ownership of Fijian Inshore Fishing Grounds: Community-Based Management Efforts, Issues of Traditional Authority and Proposed Changes in Legislation
  • Jessica Johnson, The Global Ocean Energy Picture
  • Falk Huettmann, Marine Conservation and Sustainability of the Sea of Okhotsk in the Russian Far East: An Overview of Cumulative Impacts, Compiled Public Data, and a Proposal for a UNESCO World Heritage Site