Monday, May 19, 2008

ILR - One Year On

Last week marked the first anniversary of the International Law Reporter's inaugural post. The idea behind ILR was fairly straightforward - to bring you the latest and most interesting news and information on scholarship, events, and ideas in international law and related fields. An obvious corollary was that reports should reflect the wide range of scholarship out there - in terms of viewpoint, scholarly discipline, type of publication, and language. Another was that ILR's coverage must encompass the full scope of contemporary international law subjects. The assumption, in other words, was that folks interested in international law needed to know not only what was going on in their own particular specialty and in their own particular country but also what was going on in seemingly unrelated substantive areas and in unfamiliar journals published in different languages and in different parts of the world.

We've tried hard to do all this, but we know that there's always room for improvement. Suggestions are most welcome. And though we can't guarantee that we'll post everything we receive, we encourage you to contact us with announcements of events and publications.

ILR would not exist without the many visitors from all parts of the world who make this blog a part of their daily routine. Thanks for coming, and we hope you come back.