Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Issue: ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin

The latest issue of the ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin (Vol. 18, special supplement, 2007) is out. This is a special issue on the "independence of arbitrators." Contents include:
  • Anne Marie Whitesell, Independence in ICC Arbitration: ICC Court Practice concerning the Appointment, Confirmation, Challenge and Replacement of Arbitrators
  • Ahmed S. El-Kosheri & Karim Y. Youssef, The Independence of International Arbitrators: An Arbitrator’s Perspective
  • Louis Epstein, Arbitrator Independence and Bias: The View of a Corporate In-House Counsel
  • Dominique Hascher, A Comparison between the Independence of State Justice and the Independence of Arbitration
  • Lord Steyn, England: The Independence and/or Impartiality of Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration
  • François Terré, Independence and Arbitrators
  • Otto L.O. de Witt Wijnen, The IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration Three Years On