Friday, February 29, 2008

Conference: Junior International Law Scholars Association

Today, the Junior International Law Scholars Association will hold its annual conference at New York Law School. The conference is supported by the New York Law School Center for International Law and the New York Law School Law Review. Here's the program:

Session I: Bridging the Domestic/International Divide

  • Hari Osofsky, “Is Climate Change an ‘International’ Legal Problem?”
  • Molly Beutz, “Protecting Rights Online: Access to Knowledge, Human Rights, and the International Regulation of the Internet”
  • Tara Melish, “Maximum Feasible Participation of the Poor: New Governance, New Accountability, and the Rise of National Poverty Hearings”
  • Commentator: Angela Banks

Session II: International Security

  • Kristen Boon, “The Security Council’s Emerging Economic Statecraft”
  • Asli Bali, “Beyond Legality and Legitimacy: The Erosion of the Nonproliferation Norm”
  • Cora True-Frost, “A Case for Recognizing - and Enhancing - the U.N. Security Council’s Accountability to Individuals”
  • Tai-Heng Cheng, “Might a Wider Right to Use Force Overseas Make the United States Safer?”
  • Commentator: Tara Melish

Session III: International Human Rights

  • Meg deGuzman, “How Grave Is Grave Enough? The Role of the Gravity Principle in the ICC Statute”
  • Deena Hurwitz, “The Politics of Atrocity: What’s Law Got to Do With It? Lessons of the Sabra and Chatila Case in Belgium”
  • Chimène Keitner, “Conceptualizing Complicity in Alien Tort Cases”
  • Commentator: Susan Benesch

Session IV: Trade Law

  • Elizabeth Trujillo, “Deconstructing the Overlaps Among Foreign Investment and Trade Regimes”
  • Greg Bowman, “Winning the Battle but Losing the War? Reflections on Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in U.S. Export Control Laws”
  • David Zaring, “Why Do Some Regulatory Networks Succeed and Others Fail?”
  • Commentator: Elena Baylis