Friday, February 1, 2008

Conference: 73rd Conference of the International Law Association

The 73rd Conference of the International Law Association, hosted by its Brazilian Branch, will take place August 17-21, 2008, in Rio de Janeiro. The program is here. Why attend?

Having as its core theme Law for the Future, the Conference will seek for answers to pressing questions, such as: Does present international law meet the needs of the modern world? What can be done to overcome the differences between conflicts and legal solutions in modern society? What is the role for the Academy, for lawyers, for national and international Courts, in contributing towards the development of legal concepts for the future?

The Conference will thus address current issues, presently under consideration by the ILA Committees, such as:

  • Access to Justice • Consumer Law • Criminal Law • Family Law • Human Rights• Indigenous Peoples Rights • Refugee and Minority Rights.
  • E-Law • Intellectual Property Law • Bankruptcy Law • Foreign Investment • Legal Aspects of the World International Capital Markets.
  • Arbitration • International Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Law • International Standards in Contract Law • International Trade Law.
  • The Reform of the UN Security Council • Legal Aspects of Preemptive Intervention • Legal Aspects of Terrorism • Legal Aspects of Nuclear Technology.
  • Law of the Sea • Space Law • Legal Aspects of Biotechnology • Legal Aspects of the Use of Natural Resources.

The 2008 Conference will also hold meetings of ILA Committees and Study Groups, in which their membership and other interested parties will discuss and consider the research performed over the last two years on each one's area of interest, and discuss the relevant report where the work has been completed.