Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 89, no. 866, June 2007) is out. The theme is Catastrophic Events. Contents include:

  • Toni Pfanner, Editorial
  • Catastrophic Events
    • Interview with Maurits R. Jochems
    • David P. Fidler, Governing catastrophes: security, health and humanitarian assistance
    • Wolf R. Dombrowsky, Lessons learned? Disasters, rapid change and globalization
    • Nobuko Margaret Kosuge, Prompt and utter destruction: the Nagasaki disaster and the initial medical relief
    • Anthea Sanyasi, Humanity amid conflict, terror and catastrophe: hypothetical but possible scenarios
    • Dominique Loye & Robin Coupland, Who will assist the victims of use of nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical weapons - and how
    • David Fisher, Domestic regulation of international humanitarian relief in disasters and armed conflict: a comparative analysis
  • Selected articles on international humanitarian law
    • Marko Milanovic, Lessons for human rights and humanitarian law in the war on terror: comparing Hamdan and the Israeli Targeted Killings case
    • Sharon Weill, The judicial arm of the occupation: the Israeli military courts in the occupied territories
  • Reports and documents
    • Morris Tidball-Binz, Managing the dead in catastrophes: guiding principles and practical recommendations for first responders
    • John B. Bellinger III & William J. Haynes II, A US government response to the International Committee of the Red Cross study Customary International Humanitarian Law
    • Jean-Marie Henckaerts, Customary International Humanitarian Law: a response to US comments