Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cryer, Friman, Robinson, Wilmshurst: An Introduction to International Criminal Law

Robert Cryer (Birmingham - Law), Håkan Friman (Univ. College London - Laws), Darryl Robinson (Toronto - Law), and Elizabeth Wilmshurst (Chatham House) have published An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure (Cambridge Univ. Press 2007). Here's the abstract:
International criminal law has developed considerably in the last decade and a half, resulting in a complex and re-invigorated discipline. This has impacted directly on the popularity of the study of the subject, particularly on postgraduate law degrees. This textbook serves these courses by providing an introduction to the principles of international criminal law and processes. Written by four international lawyers with experience of teaching international criminal law, it is accessible yet sophisticated in its approach. It covers substantive international criminal law, the institutions designed to enforce it and their procedures, and the international law applicable to domestic prosecutions of international crimes. It will be essential reading for students and teachers of international criminal law. In addition, practitioners and researchers in the field (and in related fields such as criminal law), students of international law and international relations will find this introduction invaluable.