Friday, March 31, 2023

New Issue: Transnational Environmental Law

The latest issue of Transnational Environmental Law (Vol. 12, no. 1, March 2023) is out. Contents include:
  • Editorial
    • Thijs Etty, Josephine van Zeben, Cinnamon Carlarne, Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli, Bruce Huber, & Leonie Reins, ‘This Battle is Hard and Huge’: Intractable Problems in Transnational Environmental Law
  • Articles
    • Benoit Mayer & Zhuoqi Ding, Climate Change Mitigation in the Aviation Sector: A Critical Overview of National and International Initiatives
    • Alexander Zahar, Agricultural Exceptionalism in the Climate Change Treaties
    • Andreas Kotsakis & Avi Boukli, Transversal Harm, Regulation, and the Tolerance of Oil Disasters
    • Violetta Ritz, Towards a Methodology for Specifying States’ Mitigation Obligations in Line with the Equity Principle and Best Available Science
    • Daniel Bertram, ‘For You Will (Still) Be Here Tomorrow’: The Many Lives of Intergenerational Equity
    • Rebecca Nelson & L.M. Shirley, The Latent Potential of Cumulative Effects Concepts in National and International Environmental Impact Assessment Regimes
    • Uzuazo Etemire, Public Voices and Environmental Decisions: The Escazú Agreement in Comparative Perspective
    • Giulia Claudia Leonelli, The Glyphosate Saga Continues: ‘Dissenting’ Member States and the European Way Forward