Sunday, June 13, 2021

Costello, Foster, & McAdam: The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law

Cathryn Costello
(Univ. of Oxford - Law), Michelle Foster (Univ. of Melbourne - Law), & Jane McAdam (Univ. of New South Wales - Law) have published The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law (Oxford Univ. Press 2021). The table of contents is here. Here's the abstract:

The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law is a comprehensive, critical work, which analyses the state of research across the refugee law regime as a whole. Drawing together leading and emerging scholars, the Handbook provides both doctrinal and theoretical analyses of international refugee law and practice. It critiques existing law from a variety of normative positions, with several chapters identifying foundational flaws that open up space for radical rethinking. Many authors work directly in the field, and their contributions demonstrate how scholarship and practice can mutually inform each other.

Contributions assess a wide range of international legal instruments relevant to refugee protection, including from international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international migration law, the law of the sea, and international and transnational criminal law. Geographically, contributors examine regional and domestic laws and practices from around the world, with 10 chapters focused on specific regions. This Handbook provides an account, as well as a critique, of the status quo, and in so doing it sets the agenda for future academic research in international refugee law.