Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Issue: European Journal of International Relations

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Relations (Vol. 27, no. 2, June 2021) is out. Contents include:
  • David A Lake, The organizational ecology of global governance
  • Heather Ba, Hegemonic instability: complex interdependence and the dynamics of financial crisis in the contemporary international system
  • Daniel Mügge & Lukas Linsi, The national accounting paradox: how statistical norms corrode international economic data
  • Syed Javed Maswood, Origins and consequences of economic globalization: moving beyond a flawed orthodoxy
  • Sebastian Hellmeier, How foreign pressure affects mass mobilization in favor of authoritarian regimes
  • Nicolas Blarel & Niels Van Willigen, How do regional parties influence foreign policy? Insights from multilevel coalitional bargaining in India
  • Jana Lipps, Intertwined parliamentary arenas: Why parliamentarians attend international parliamentary institutions
  • Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch & Jennifer M. Dixon, Conceptualizing and assessing norm strength in International Relations
  • Tom Buitelaar & Gisela Hirschmann, Criminal accountability at what cost? Norm conflict, UN peace operations and the International Criminal Court
  • Isak Svensson & Daniel Finnbogason, Confronting the caliphate? Explaining civil resistance in jihadist proto-states
  • Simone Dietrich, Heidi Hardt, & Haley J. Swedlund, How to make elite experiments work in International Relations
  • Soetkin Verhaegen, Jan Aart Scholte, & Jonas Tallberg, Explaining elite perceptions of legitimacy in global governance