Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Corten, Dubuisson, & Falkowska-Clarys: Cinematic perspectives on international law

Olivier Corten
(Université libre de Bruxelles - Law), François Dubuisson (Université libre de Bruxelles - Law), & Martyna Falkowska-Clarys (Belgian Judicial Training Institute) have published Cinematic perspectives on international law (Manchester Univ. Press 2021). The table of contents is here. Here's the abstract:
Why are constitutionalist ideals so prominent in science fiction? Does Independence Day depict self-defence as a legal concept with absolute limits? Is international law lost in space? This innovative interdisciplinary volume represents the first exploration of the relationship between international law and cinema. From Star Wars to Werner Herzog, The Godfather to The West Wing, this book uncovers a diverse range of representations of international law and its norms in film and television. Examining the wider links between international law, cinema, and ideology, the contributions not only examine visual representations of international law, but they offer an essential insight into the functions fulfilled by these cinematic representations. Providing an extraordinary introduction to a variety of perspectives on core international legal questions, Cinematic perspectives on international law extends a valuable methodology by which international lawyers can critique the depiction of international law in film.