Tuesday, December 8, 2020

New Volume: Austrian Review of International and European Law

The latest volume of the Austrian Review of International and European Law (Vol. 23, 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Jane A Hofbauer, 1918 – The League of Nations as a ‘First Organized Expression of the International Community’ and the Permanent Court of International Justice as its Guardian
  • Ralph Janik, 1928 – The Pact of Paris
  • Michael J Moffatt, 1938 – 80 Years After the Anschluss: Can a Theory of Incorporation Harmonize the Dissonance?
  • Markus P Beham, 1948 – The 1948 Genocide Convention: Origins, Impact, Legacy
  • Koloman Roiger-Simek, 1958 – The Geneva Conventions on the Law of the Sea of 1958
  • Sara Mansour Fallah, 1968 – Decolonization: Mauritius and the Chagos Archipelago Author:
  • Philipp Janig, 1978 – The 1978 Vienna Convention, the Clean Slate Doctrine and the Decolonization of Sources
  • Johannes Tropper, 1988 – Palestinian Declaration of Independence: A Tale of Poetry and Statehood
  • Isabella Brunner, 1998 – UNGA Resolution 53/70 ‘Developments in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security’ and Its Influence on the International Rule of Law in Cyberspace
  • Céline Braumann, 2008 – The Global Financial Crisis and International Law
  • Jane A Hofbauer & Stephan Wittich, 2018 – The Look Forward: Challenges to Consolidation or Opportunities for Change?