Tuesday, December 29, 2020

New Issue: Journal of World Trade

The latest issue of the Journal of World Trade (Vol. 54, no. 6, 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Wolfgang Weiß, Adjudicating Security Exceptions in WTO Law: Methodical and Procedural Preliminaries
  • Siqi Li & Xinquan Tu, Reforming WTO Subsidy Rules: Past Experiences and Prospects
  • Gabriel Gari, China’s Preferential Treatment on Trade in Services: Is the Sleeping Dragon About to Wake Up?
  • Alessandra Moroni, Bregt Natens, & Arnoud Willems, Hurdles to Litigating Trade Defence Measures Before the EU Courts
  • Ronald Eberhard Tundang, US–China Trade War An Impetus for New Norms on Technology Transfer
  • Dukgeun Ahn & Hyerim Kim, Judicial Conflicts between Panels and the Appellate Body in the WTO Safeguard Jurisprudence
  • Weizhan Meng & Xinkai Zeng, How Should China Respond to Trump’s New Round of Trade War? An Unprecedented Debate Among Chinese IR Scholars