Thursday, May 14, 2020

New Issue: International Organization

The latest issue of International Organization (Vol. 74, no. 2, Spring 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Amanda Kennard, The Enemy of My Enemy: When Firms Support Climate Change Regulation
    • Julia Costa Lopez, Political Authority in International Relations: Revisiting the Medieval Debate
    • Adam G. Lichtenheld, Explaining Population Displacement Strategies in Civil Wars: A Cross-National Analysis
    • Allard Duursma, African Solutions to African Challenges: The Role of Legitimacy in Mediating Civil Wars in Africa
    • Barry Hashimoto, Autocratic Consent to International Law: The Case of the International Criminal Court's Jurisdiction, 1998–2017
  • Review Esssay
    • Susan D. Hyde & Elizabeth N. Saunders, Recapturing Regime Type in International Relations: Leaders, Institutions, and Agency Space
  • Research Note
    • Joseph M. Brown, Correlates of Warning: Territory, Democracy, and Casualty Aversion in Terrorist Tactics