Saturday, May 2, 2020

New Issue: ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal

The latest issue of the ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal (Vol. 34, no. 2, Spring 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Focus Section: Africa and the ICSID Dispute Resolution System
    • Makane Moïse Mbengue, ‘Somethin’ ELSE’: African Discourses on ICSID and on ISDS—An Introduction
    • Antonio R Parra, The Participation of African States in the Making of the ICSID Convention
    • Francis N Botchway, Consent to Arbitration: African States’ Practice
    • Uché Ewelukwa Ofodile, African States, Investor–State Arbitration and the ICSID Dispute Resolution System: Continuities, Changes and Challenges
    • Emilia Onyema, African Participation in the ICSID System: Appointment and Disqualification of Arbitrators
    • Marie-Andrée Ngwe & Marion Deligny Malchair, La propension des Etats africains à résoudre leurs litiges d’investissement à l’amiable
    • Won Kidane, The Culture of Investment Arbitration: An African Perspective
    • Olabisi D Akinkugbe, Reverse Contributors? African State Parties, ICSID and the Development of International Investment Law
    • Makane Moïse Mbengue, Africa’s Voice in the Formation, Shaping and Redesign of International Investment Law
    • Hamed El-Kady & Mustaqeem De Gama, The Reform of the International Investment Regime: An African Perspective
    • Matthew Happold, Investor–State Dispute Settlement using the ECOWAS Court of Justice: An Analysis and Some Proposals
    • Mohamed S Abdel Wahab, ICSID’s Relevance for Africa: A Symbiotic Bond Beyond Time
    • Meg Kinnear & Paul Jean Le Cannu, Concluding Remarks: ICSID and African States Leading International Investment Law Reform