Monday, April 20, 2020

New Issue: African Human Rights Law Journal

The latest issue of the African Human Rights Law Journal (Vol. 19, no. 2, 2019). Contents include:
  • Linet Sithole & Cowen Dziva, Eliminating harmful practices against women in Zimbabwe: implementing article 5 of the African Women’s Protocol
  • Romola Adeola, The impact of the African Union Convention on the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa
  • Uti Ojah Egbai & Jonathan O. Chimakonam, Protecting the rights of victims in transitional justice: an interrogation of amnesty
  • Maame Efua Addadzi-Koom, ‘He beat me, and the state did nothing about it’: an African perspective on the due diligence standard and state responsibility for domestic violence in international law
  • Emmanuel Kamonyo Sibomana, Desia Colgan & Nicola GunnClark, The right of palliative care for the most vulnerable in Africa is everyone’s responsibility
  • Valerie Muguoh Chiatoh, Recognition of minority groups as a prerequisite for the protection of human rights: the case of Anglophone Cameroon
  • Paul O. Ogendi, Pharmaceutical trade policies and access to medicines in Kenya
  • Catrine Christiansen, Steffen Jensen & Tobias Kelly, A predisposed view: state violence, human rights organisations and the invisibility of the poor in Nairobi
  • Hoolo ‘Nyane, Abolition of criminal defamation and retention of scandalum magnatum in Lesotho
  • Augustine Arimoro, Public-private partnership and the right to property in Nigeria
  • Aliyu Ibrahim, Decongestion of Nigerian prisons : an examination of the role of the Nigerian police in the application of the holding-charge procedure in relation to pre-trial detainees
  • Emma Alimohammadi & Gustav Muller, The illegal eviction of undocumented foreigners from South Africa
  • Emma Charlene Lubaale & Simangele Daisy Mavundla, Decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use in South Africa
  • Tashwill Esterhuizen, Decriminalisation of consensual same-sex sexual acts and the Botswana Constitution: Letsweletse Motshidiemang v The Attorney-General (LEGABIBO as amicus curiae)