Friday, November 15, 2019

New Volume: Canadian Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the Canadian Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 56, 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Sara Wharton & Rosemary Grey, The Full Picture: Preliminary Examinations at the International Criminal Court
    • Fernando Arlettaz, Expulsions collectives: définition et portée de leur interdiction dans la jurisprudence de la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme
    • Joanna Harrington, Addressing the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials: Developments and Challenges within the Canadian Legal Landscape
    • Antonio Bultrini, Reapprasing the Approach of International Law to Civil Wars: Aid to Legitimate Governments or Insurgents and Conflict Minimization
    • Ryan Gauthier, Constructing Statehood through Sport: Football, Kosovo, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport
    • Cyprien Bassamagne Mougnok, La codification du droit interaméricain de la drogue
    • Idil Atak & Lorielle Giffin, Canada’s Treatment of Non-Citizens through the Lens of the United Nations Individual Complaints Mechanisms
    • Marcin J. Menkes, The Legality of US Investment Sanctions against Iran before the ICJ: A Watershed Moment for the Essential Security and Necessity Exceptions