Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Website: GPIL – German Practice in International Law

A new website on German Practice in International Law has been established. Here's the idea:

GPIL – German Practice in International Law publishes case studies on German State practice in the field of public international law. Each case study presents the German position on a particular question of public international law and puts that position in its wider factual and political context. Where applicable, it also records the reactions of other States and provides a legal assessment of the German position. Case studies are based on decisions by German courts, diplomatic notes, official government statements, answers to parliamentary questions, government reports, or statement before international organizations. All documents or extracts thereof not otherwise available in English are translated into English. In this manner it hopes to provide non-German speaking scholars and practitioners with a ready source of current information on the views and practice of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of public international law.

GPIL covers the full spectrum of public international law ranging from air and space law to the use of force. The material is arranged in 35 broad subject categories. A Search facility allows for a full-text search of all records. The material is presented without hyperlinks or references as many of the original documents will be in German. A fully referenced version of all entries will be published annually in book form.

If you are interested in State practice, please check out GPIL and subscribe to the newsletter.