Tuesday, September 3, 2019

New Issue: International Interactions

The latest issue of International Interactions (Vol. 45, no. 4, 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • William Christiansen, Tobias Heinrich & Timothy M. Peterson, Foreign policy begins at home: the local origin of support for US democracy promotion
    • Fabio Wasserfallen, Global diffusion, policy flexibility, and inflation targeting
    • Jori Breslawski & David E. Cunningham, International Influences on Nonviolent and Violent Contention
    • Sebastian Schutte, Politics or prejudice? Explaining individual-level hostilities in India’s Hindu–Muslim conflict
    • Brandon Ives, Religious Institutionalism: A Domestic Explanation for External Support of Rebel Groups
  • Research Note
    • Zhanna Terechshenko, Charles Crabtree, Kristine Eck & Christopher J. Fariss, Evaluating the influence of international norms and shaming on state respect for rights: an audit experiment with foreign embassies
    • Sarah Kreps & Stephen Roblin, Treatment format and external validity in international relations experiments
  • Special Date Feature
    • Eitan Y. Alimi, Gregory M. Maney & Alon Burstein, Beyond the media’s radar: Introducing the Intifada Non-Media-Based Dataset