Saturday, June 8, 2019

New Issue: European Journal of International Relations

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Relations (Vol. 25, no. 2, June 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Rebecca Adler-Nissen & Alexei Tsinovoi, International misrecognition: The politics of humour and national identity in Israel’s public diplomacy
  • Mattias Vermeiren, Meeting the world’s demand for safe assets? Macroeconomic policy and the international status of the euro after the crisis
  • Markus Kornprobst, Framing, resonance and war: Foregrounds and backgrounds of cultural congruence
  • Nicole Sunday Grove, Weapons of mass participation: Social media, violence entrepreneurs, and the politics of crowdfunding for war
  • Tomas Wallenius, The case for a history of global legal practices
  • Robert Falkner & Barry Buzan, The emergence of environmental stewardship as a primary institution of global international society
  • Catherine Charrett, Ritualised securitisation: The European Union’s failed response to Hamas’s success
  • Benjamin de Carvalho, Niels Nagelhus Schia,& Xavier Guillaume, Everyday sovereignty: International experts, brokers and local ownership in peacebuilding Liberia
  • Kerry Goettlich, The rise of linear borders in world politics
  • Tom Lundborg, The ethics of neorealism: Waltz and the time of international life
  • Deepshikha Shahi, Introducing Sufism to International Relations Theory: A preliminary inquiry into epistemological, ontological, and methodological pathways
  • Manjeet S. Pardesi, Mughal hegemony and the emergence of South Asia as a “region” for regional order-building
  • Robert S. Ross, On the fungibility of economic power: China’s economic rise and the East Asian security order