Sunday, May 5, 2019

Bailliet: Research Handbook on International Law and Peace

Cecilia M. Bailliet (Univ. of Oslo - Institute for Public and International Law) has published Research Handbook on International Law and Peace (Edward Elgar Publishing 2019). Contents include:
  • Cecilia M. Bailliet, Introduction: Researching International Law and Peace
  • Kristoffer Lidén & Henrik Syse, The Politics of Peace and Law: Realism, Internationalism and the Cosmopolitan Challenge
  • Cecilia M. Bailliet, Normative Foundation of the International Law of Peace
  • Cecilia M. Bailliet & Simon O’Connor, The Good Faith Obligation to Maintain International Peace and Security and the Pacific Settlement of Disputes
  • Pål Wrange, Protecting Which Peace for Whom against What? A Conceptual Analysis of Collective Security
  • Ola Engdahl, Protection of Human Rights and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Necessary Precondition or a Clash of Interests?
  • Kjersti Skarstad, Human Rights Violations and Conflict Risk: A Theoretical and Empirical Assessment
  • Bård A. Andreassen, Traps of Violence: A Human Rights Analysis of the Relationship between Peace and Sustainable Development
  • Ole Kristian Fauchald & Daniel Behn, World Peace and International Investment: The Role of Investment Treaties and Arbitration
  • Christina Voigt, Environmentally Sustainable Development and Peace: The Role of International Law
  • Kjølv Egeland, Nuclear Abolition from Baruch to the Ban
  • Gro Nystuen & Kjølv Egeland, The Potential of the Arms Trade Treaty to Reduce Violations of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law
  • Vibeke Blaker Strand, Non-Discrimination and Equality as the Foundations of Peace
  • Maja Janmyr, Refugees and Peace
  • Cornelia Weiss, Transforming Reality: Employing International Law to End Practices that Exclude Women as Peacemakers, Peacekeepers, and Peacebuilders
  • Kjetil Mujezinović Larsen, Promoting Peace Through the International Law of Peace Operations
  • Cecilie Hellestveit, Quasi-Judicial Mechanisms: International Fact-Finding?
  • Jemima García-Godos, Building Trust Through Accountability: Transitional Justice in the Search for Peace
  • Gentian Zyberi, The Role and Contribution of International Courts in Furthering Peace as an Essential Community Interest
  • Ole Kristian Fauchald, World Peace through World Trade? The Role of Dispute Settlement in the WTO
  • Sean Kanuck, Promoting peace and stability in cyberspace
  • Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo, Epilogue