Saturday, March 30, 2019

New Issue: Transnational Legal Theory

The latest issue of Transnational Legal Theory (Vol. 9, nos. 3-4, 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Transnational Food Security
    • Emily Webster & Peer Zumbansen, Introduction: transnational food (in)security
    • Hilal Elver, At the brink of famine in conflict and natural disaster zones: human rights approach to extreme hunger and malnutrition
    • Michael Fakhri, Third world sovereignty, indigenous sovereignty, and food sovereignty: living with sovereignty despite the map
    • Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood, The effects of oil pollution on the marine environment in the Gulf of Guinea—the Bonga Oil Field example
    • Matthew Canfield, Compromised collaborations: food, fuel, and power in transnational food security governance
    • Anne Saab, International law and feeding the world in times of climate change
    • Giulia Claudia Leonelli, GMO risks, food security, climate change and the entrenchment of neo-liberal legal narratives
    • Tomaso Ferrando, Financialisation of the transnational food chain: from threat to leverage point?
    • Matias E Margulis, The World Trade Organization between law and politics: negotiating a solution for public stockholding for food security purposes
    • Amy J. Cohen, Transnational legal methodology and domestic markets for food
    • Anna Chadwick, Commodity derivatives, contract law, and food security
    • Priscilla Claeys, The rise of new rights for peasants. From reliance on NGO intermediaries to direct representation
    • Joanna Bourke Martignoni, Engendering the right to food? International human rights law, food security and the rural woman
    • Nadia Lambek, The UN Committee on World Food Security’s break from the agricultural productivity trap