Sunday, March 3, 2019

New Issue: International Journal of Transitional Justice

The latest issue of the International Journal of Transitional Justice (Vol. 13, no. 1, March 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Section: Advancing Transitional Justice through Technologies
  • Special Section Articles
    • Oriana Bernasconi, Elizabeth Lira, & Marcela Ruiz, Political Technologies of Memory: Uses and Appropriations of Artefacts that Register and Denounce State Violence
    • Michelle E Anderson, Community-Based Transitional Justice Via the Creation and Consumption of Digitalized Storytelling Archives: A Case Study of Belfast’s Prisons Memory Archive
    • Tamy Guberek, Velia Muralles, & Hannah Alpert-Abrams, ‘Irreversible’: The Role of Digitization to Repurpose State Records of Repression
    • Daniela Gavshon & Erol Gorur, Information Overload: How Technology Can Help Convert Raw Data into Rich Information for Transitional Justice Processes
  • Notes from the Field
    • Jean-Marie Chenou, Lina P Chaparro-Martínez, & Ana María Mora Rubio, Broadening Conceptualizations of Transitional Justice through Using Technology: ICTs in the Context of Justicia y Paz in Colombia
  • Review Essay
    • Patrick Vinck, Transitional Justice in the Age of Social Media
  • General Issue Articles
    • Matilda Keynes, History Education for Transitional Justice? Challenges, Limitations and Possibilities for Settler Colonial Australia
    • Kevin Hearty, Moral Emotions and the Politics of Blame and Credit during Transitional Justice Moments
    • Karin Dyrstad & Helga Malmin Binningsbø, Between Punishment and Impunity: Public Support for Reactions against Perpetrators in Guatemala, Nepal and Northern Ireland
  • Review Essay
    • Cécile Aptel & Patrick Nagler, Children and Transitional Justice