Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Issue: Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law

The latest issue of the Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law (Vol. 27, no. 3, November 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Plastics Regulation
    • Karen Raubenheimer, Alistair McIlgorm, & Nilüfer Oral, Towards an improved international framework to govern the life cycle of plastics
    • Elizabeth A. Kirk & Naporn Popattanachai, Marine plastics: Fragmentation, effectiveness and legitimacy in international lawmaking
    • Giulia Carlini & Konstantin Kleine, Advancing the international regulation of plastic pollution beyond the United Nations Environment Assembly resolution on marine litter and microplastics
    • Linda Finska & Julie Gjørtz Howden, Troubled waters – Where is the bridge? Confronting marine plastic pollution from international watercourses
    • Esther Kentin & Heidi Kaarto, An EU ban on microplastics in cosmetic products and the right to regulate
    • Thomas J. de Römph & Geert Van Calster, REACH in a circular economy: The obstacles for plastics recyclers and regulators
  • Regular Articles
    • Louis J. Kotzé & Wendy Muzangaza, Constitutional international environmental law for the Anthropocene?
    • Alexander Zahar, Implementation of the polluter pays principle in China
    • Arie Trouwborst, Wolves not welcome? Zoning for large carnivore conservation and management under the Bern Convention and EU Habitats Directive
    • Abdullah Al Arif, Exploring the legal status and key features of ecosystem‐based fisheries management in international fisheries law
    • Lisa Benjamin, Adelle Thomas, & Rueanna Haynes, An ‘Islands’ COP’? Loss and damage at COP23
  • Case Note
    • Nicolas de Sadeleer, Preliminary ruling on the compatibility of taxation of superstores with the right to freedom of establishment and State aid law: Case C‐233/16, ANGED