Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kohen & Hébié: Research Handbook on Territorial Disputes in International Law

Marcelo G. Kohen (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies,) & Mamadou Hébié (Leiden Univ. - Law) have published Research Handbook on Territorial Disputes in International Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2018). Contents include:
  • Marcelo Kohen & Mamadou Hébié, Introduction
  • Marcelo Kohen & Mamadou Hébié, Territorial conflicts and their international legal framework
  • Mamadou Hébié, The acquisition of original titles of territorial sovereignty during colonial expansion
  • Mamadou Hébié, The acquisition of derivative titles of territorial sovereignty from local political entities during colonial expansion
  • Marcelo G. Kohen, Titles and Effectivités in Territorial Disputes
  • Kate Parlett, State conduct in territorial disputes beyond effectivités: Recognition, acquiescence, renunciation and estoppel
  • Giuseppe Nesi, Boundaries
  • Pierre Klein & Vaios Koutroulis, Territorial disputes and the use of force
  • Seokwoo Lee, Territorial settlements in peace treaties
  • Mariano J. Aznar, The human factor in territorial disputes
  • Theodore Christakis & Aristoteles Constantinides, Territorial disputes in the context of secessionist conflicts
  • Giovanni Distefano, Time factor and territorial disputes
  • Katherine Del Mar, Evidence in territorial disputes
  • Marcelo Kohen & Mamadou Hébié, Conclusion