Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wind: International Courts and Domestic Politics

Marlene Wind (Univ. of Copenhagen - Political Science) has published International Courts and Domestic Politics (Cambridge Univ. Press 2018). Contents include:
  • Marlene Wind, Introduction
  • Lisa Conant, Missing in action? The rare voice of international courts in domestic politics
  • Krzysztof Pelc & Jeffrey Kucik, What can financial markets tell us about international courts and deterrence?
  • David Kosar, The Strasbourg Court and domestic judicial politics
  • Steven Freeland, It's a good idea … isn't it? The impact of complementarity at the international criminal court on domestic law, politics and perceptions of sovereignty
  • Benjamin Perryman, Rights-protecting iCourts: the curious case of the OP-ICESCR
  • Mikael Rask Madsen, Re-assembling the French state via human rights: between human rights internationalism and political sovereignism
  • Juan A. Mayoral, Impact through trust: the CJEU as a trust-enhancing institution
  • Katarína Šipulová, Jozef Janovský & Hubert Smekal, Ideology and international human rights commitments in post-communist regimes: the cases of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Philippa Webb, Escalation and interaction: international courts and domestic politics in the law of state immunity
  • Jasper Krommendijk, National parliaments: obstacles or aid to the impact of international human rights bodies?
  • Odile Ammann, The European Court of Human Rights and Swiss politics: how does the Swiss judge fit in?
  • Yaël Ronen, The use of international jurisprudence by Israel's Supreme Court
  • Marlene Wind, Laggards or pioneers? When Scandinavian avant-garde judges don't cite international case law: a methodological framework