Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Issue: Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law

The latest issue of the Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law (Vol. 6, no. 1, 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Jae Woon Lee & Xiongfeng Li, Ongoing Tension in the Air
  • Ratna Juwita, An Aretaic Jurisprudence Approach to the Character of the Secretary-General of the United Nations as a Norm Entrepreneur to Save the Earth from the Adverse Impact of Climate Change
  • Lowell Bautista, The South China Sea Arbitral Award amidst Shifting Philippine Foreign Policy
  • Seokwoo Lee & Hee Eun Lee, Contemporary Issues and Challenges
  • Si Jin Oh, Relevance of History and Theory in the Historical Injustice Issues of East Asia
  • Seokwoo Lee, Territorial Settlements in Peace Treaties
  • Buhm-Suk Baek, Universality of Human Rights, but Not Uniformity of Implementation?
  • Sangmin Shim, The North-South Divide on Sustainable Development and the Recent Developments in the Asian Context
  • Pyoung Keun Kang, Implications of the Development of International Law upon the Protection of Foreign Investors and Investments from the Perspective of Developing States
  • Eon Kyung Park & Taegil Kim, Historical Injustice in Asia and the Role of International Economic Law
  • Seung-Jin Oh, Historical Injustice and Dispute Settlement in Asia
  • Sung-Won Kim, The Eastphalian Project Revisited