Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Volume: Austrian Review of International and European Law

The latest volume of the Austrian Review of International and European Law (Vol. 20, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Karl Zemanek, Court Generated State Practice?
  • Georg Nolte, Court Generated State Practice? A Response to Karl Zemanek
  • Santiago Torres Bernárdez, Court Generated State Practice? (Karl Zemanek) – A Commentary
  • Markus P Beham, Could State Practice Ever Not Play a Role in the Formation of Custom? The Ghosting of Tacit Agreements in International Law
  • Malgosia Fitzmaurice & Panos Merkouris, Re-Shaping Treaties While Balancing Interests of Stability and Change: Critical Issues in the Amendment/Modification/Revision of Treaties
  • Serena Forlati, On ‘Court Generated State Practice’: The Interpretation of Treaties as Dialogue between International Courts and States
  • Christina Binder, A Legitimacy Perspective on Court Generated State Practice
  • Ralph Janik, How Many Divisions Does the European Court of Human Rights Have? Compliance and Legitimacy in Times of Crisis
  • Ilias Bantekas, Uniformity in Model Laws as Subsequent Practice under Article 31 of Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
  • Jan Klabbers, Subsequent Agreement Outside/In: The Kigali Principles on Protection of Civilians
  • Gerhard Hafner, Modification of Treaties by Subsequent Practice – Some Comments on the Austrian Position
  • Peter Hilpold, EU Development Cooperation: A Stock-Taking and a Vision for the Future