Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Baade, Mührel, & Petrov: International Humanitarian Law in Areas of Limited Statehood

Björnstjern Baade, Linus Mührel, & Anton O. Petrov have published International Humanitarian Law in Areas of Limited Statehood: Adaptable and Legitimate or Rigid and Unreasonable? (Nomos 2018). Contents include:
  • Heike Krieger, Björnstjern Baade, & Linus Mührel, Introduction: International Humanitarian Law and Areas of Limited Statehood
  • Raphael Schäfer, A History of Division(s): a Critical Assessment of the Law of Non-International Armed Conflict
  • Katja Schöberl & Linus Mührel, Sunken Vessel or Blooming Flower? Lotus, Permissions and Restrictions within International Humanitarian Law
  • Pia Hesse, Comment: neither Sunken Vessel nor Blooming Flower! The Lotus Principle and International Humanitarian Law
  • Manuel Brunner, Detention for Security Reasons by the Armed Forces of a State in Situations of Non-International Armed Conflict: the Quest for a Legal Basis
  • Anton O. Petrov, Comment: Detention in Non-International Armed Conflict by States – Just a Matter of Perspective on Areas of Limited Statehood?
  • Vincent Widdig, Detention by Organised Armed Groups in Non-International Armed Conflicts: the Role of Non-State Actors in a State-Centred International Legal System
  • Lars Müller, Comment: Detention by Armed Groups
  • Ira Ryk-Lakhman Aharonovich, Foreign Investments as Non-Human Targets
  • Charlotte Lülf, The Protection of (Foreign) Investment during Belligerent Occupation – Considerations on International Humanitarian Law and International Investment Law
  • Björnstjern Baade, Linus Mührel, & Anton O. Petrov, Concluding Observations: how International Humanitarian Law is Shaped to Meet the Challenges Arising from Areas of Limited Statehood – Theoretical Problems in Practice