Monday, April 2, 2018

Follesdal & Ulfstein: The Judicialization of International Law: A Mixed Blessing?

Andreas Follesdal (Univ. of Oslo - Law) & Geir Ulfstein (Univ. of Oslo - Law) have published The Judicialization of International Law: A Mixed Blessing? (Oxford Univ. Press 2018). Contents include:
  • Jochen von Bernstorff, Specialized Courts and Tribunals as the Guardians of International Law? The Nature and Function of Judicial Interpretation in Kelsen and Schmitt
  • Niels Blokker, The Governance of International Courts and Tribunals: Organizing and Guaranteeing Independence and Accountability
  • Jerneja Penca, Escaping from law, appealing to it: The experience of a civil society 'tribunal'
  • Christiane Gerstetter, Substance and Style - How the WTO Adjudicators Legitimize their Decisions
  • Jeffrey Dunoff & Mark Pollack, A Typology of International Judicial Practices
  • Kjersti Lohne, NGOs for International Justice: Criminal or Victims' Justice?
  • Malcolm Langford & Daniel Behn, Managing Backlash: The Evolving Investment Treaty Arbitrator?
  • David Caron & Esme Shirlow, Dissecting Backlash: The Unarticulated Causes of Backlash and its Unintended Consequences
  • Erik Franckx & Marco Benatar, Non-Participation in Compulsory Procedures of Dispute Settlement: The People' Republic of China's Position Paper in the South China Sea Arbitration and Beyond
  • Dominika Svarc, The Contribution of International Court of Justice to the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
  • Alain Pellet, Should We (Still) Worry about Fragmentation?
  • Philippe Sands, Judicialization and its Challenges